Merganser Pond


About half of the 400 total acres is rich, botanically diverse coastal wetland including a ridge-swale system and Merganser Pond itself. Look closely, you may spot trumpeter swans, sandhill cranes, or a bald eagle.  Or perhaps you’ll see an otter, mink, muskrat, beaver, or a merganser of course (common or hooded).  320 acres of this property was acquired with a National Coastal Wetlands Conservation (NCWC) Act Grant and cash match from members like... YOU!  A mortgage remains on 80 acres of the property.  Hunting is allowed east of Five Mile Point Road.

Our eternal gratitude to NWC Members Mary Beth and Regis Carozza who, when this property was about to be sold and developed, stepped up and served as interim owners for three years, until the NCWC grant funds came through. Amazing.

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Directions to MP at bottom of page.

DIRECTIONS The Merganser Pond property is bisected by Five Mile Point Road (7.0 miles from Ahmeek to Sunset Bay Road; 4.8 miles from Eagle River), and the first 0.6 miles of Sunset Bay Road traverses this natural area (and provides the best views of MP proper).  You may also access the MP property from several other small unnamed roads off Five Mile Point Road, and from the Copper Country State Forest land on the south side of the west half of the property.  See also the more detailed directions and larger map on the Trailhead page.

HOURS AND RULES Open every day during daylight hours. No fee. Fires, camping, hunting, fishing, trapping, and motor vehicles (except on Sunset Bay Road) are PROHIBITED WEST OF FIVE MILE POINT ROAD.  Bow and crossbow deer hunting and motor vehicles (on established roadways only) are permitted in the UPLANDS EAST OF FIVE MILE POINT ROAD ONLY.

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