NWC Natural Areas

The NWC owns five Natural Areas in Keweenaw County, Michigan, and was instrumental in the acquisition of the Gratiot River County Park.

1993.  Dore Woods.  80 acres of oak-maple forest bisected by fern-filled Taylor Creek gorge.

2001.  Seven Mile Point.  32 acres with 1,854’ of sand, cobble, and bedrock Lake Superior shoreline.  *This project contributed $101,000 to the NWC debt.

2002/2008.  Gratiot River County Park and Addition. 222 acres with 8,489’ of agate-rich Lake Superior cobble beach.  *This project contributed $677,00 to the NWC debt.

2003.  Gratiot River North. 82 acres with 500‘ of Lake Superior shoreline contiguous with GRCP. 

2009.  Merganser Pond.  400 acres, about half wetland, including MP proper.  *This project contributed $67,000 to the NWC debt.

2009-2015.  Conglomerate Falls.  195.27 acres with 1 mile of the Gratiot River, including the Upper Falls and Conglomerate Hole, a famous fishing spot.    ** Added 75.27 acres in Dec 2014 (thanks and congrats) and planning to add 80 acres in 2016 (will need to raise $60,000 or more by September 30; already have $25,000 in pledges).
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The GRCP and SMP projects were designed to be revenue-neutral.  Grant delays and cancellations (long story) caused an unanticipated $845,000 debt.  The NWC Board and Members decided to take on a mortgage for a few years rather than sell SMP to retire the debt.  The mortgage is paid by the equivalent of 500 Monthly Sustainers, who each donate $10/month (or less, or more).  If you can chip in $5 or $10 a month (or more!), please sign up HERE.  Thanks!